Alcohol: A Personal Investment with Diminishing Returns

In the first of a series on healthcare issues Colin Perriss pulls no punches in talking about alcohol abuse.

My background is Sales Direction, building markets, establishing profit centres for East European Manufacturers and Alcoholism, although not necessarily in that order.

I’ll tell you about my battle with the bottle and how it was defeated in a future article. Crucially the key was knowledge.

How much a year do you spend on drink? If you are consuming 25 units a week it is around £2500 per year which is £100,000 over forty years when you retire!

So what about your relationship with alcohol and its impact on your business?

Chances are that you are all deluding yourselves when it comes to how much alcohol you really drink. You are unlikely to admit how much alcohol that you really drink.

Doctors say that the recommended guidelines for drinking alcohol in the UK are 21 units for men and 14 units for women. Try adding up your total….and then double it because that is likely to be the reality of your true alcohol intake.

It is interesting to note that a member of the  medical committee that created the alcohol unit guidelines later admitted that they were a ‘best guess’ as in reality there was not enough data to accurately set the limits. Even the NHS has now admitted that drinking alcohol can never be considered as completely safe in all circumstances.

You will say before you start drinking “I’ll work out my unit allocation and decide what drinks to have and what I’ll then drink when I’ve reached my limit.”

My answer to that is

a.       How Impressive
b.      What a Personal Triumph
c.       Rubbish
Please take your pick.
I, Colin Perriss, don’t really care how much you drink; the choice is very much yours. What I do care about is that you are equipped with the best information available for you to make considered intelligent decisions about this powerful, mind altering drug.
The impacts of alcohol for business people are both easily understood and hidden.
You have to spend your hard earned money to buy it, it poisons you, may result in a hangover and it creates the illusion that you feel different.
Reality is nothing has changed, your bank balance is lower, and if you consume enough of it your ability over time is reduced by a few per cent.
Isn’t the difference between the very top achievers and the rest said to be just a few per cent?
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