The Holy Grail of Enterprise Britain

I am writing this Blog on the most important day in the Jewish calendar: Yom Kippur known as the Day of Atonement. Many, probably most, of my Jewish colleagues will be observing a 25-hours fast and following a schedule of prayer and repentance.

It is a pure co-incidence that I had decided to head this autumnal blog with a religious title. The term ‘Holy Grail’ is defined as “a very desired object that borders on a sacred quest.”

I will get straight to the point. The pilgrimage of Enterprise Britain is to raise the profile of the four million people who daily work themselves to a frazzle trying to run, manage or work in an enterprising business.

And nobody cares. Nobody.

Why? Because enterprising businesses make nobody any money. In our capitalist based society this is anathema.

Accountants don’t like you. Their charge out rates (£150/£200 per hour) are beyond your resources and you ask too many questions.


Corporate finance advisers know you cannot afford the fees they charge for applying to a public market for a share quote.

The Inland Revenue are constrained by the cash flow situations that are forced on you.

Banks hate you. You don’t make them any money. Why worry about UK citizens and their working lives when you can form a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) and make millions. The efforts of the finance ministers to limit Bankers’ bonuses is a joke. Secretly the bankers bosses are laughing because they know already how they will get round the attempted restrictions.

BERR (The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) dismiss you. Lord Mandelson has admitted that BERR do not know what the benefits of the Business Links operation are. He said it would cost too much to find out.

I can tell him for free.

The BBC series ‘Dragon’s Den’ is not a success because of the amount of funding it has generated for smaller businesses. It is because of the brilliant media context of the programmes. It is great entertainment.

As a contribution to enterprising businesses it is irrelevant.

The Holy Grail of Enterprise Britain is to get the political and business community to value you.

Dream on Drury.

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