Summer reflections

As members of Enterprise Britain enter what for many will be a difficult three months and the memories of a wet and windy summer are overtaken by autumn blues I have looked up a series of predictions I made in my diary on 1st January 2009.

The following are what I suggested for 31st December 2009.

FTSE100: 5,750 Not bad eh?

Bank Rate: 2.5% Oh.

Unemployment: 3.25m Impressive

PM: Gordon Brown. He was never going to go to the polls before May 2010

Conservative Leader: David Cameron

House prices: +10%

Diesel per litre: 95p

Rate of inflation: 1%

£/$: 1.7

Retailer most likely to fail: W H Smith (well, there’s still time)

Personality most likely to fail: Jonathan Ross

Sports person most likely to fail: Ian Bell

For all of us in Enterprise Britain 2009 has been a difficult and challenging period.

What I can predict is that business goes in cycles. Gordon Brown, The Bank of England, the FSA, the Banks can do what they like but it is certain that good times are ahead. The cycles say so.

I just wish I knew when……..

Over the next four months I will provide suggestions that could improve the lot of the members of Enterprise Britain.

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