Michelle Obama does hugs!

What a G20 week! Michelle Obama does hugs.

So do I. If I could I would hug every single member of the four million of you who make up Enterprise Britain.

My hugs would say:

“Well done for fighting to build/continue/save your business in the face of an apathetic system in which you don’t count”

“Well done for suffering a banking system in which the bankers are stuffing enterprising businesses in order to strengthen their balance sheets so they can resume mega bonuses when nobody is looking”

Please note. I was with four business owner/managers this last week all of whom feel let down by their bank.

“Stay the course because before long smaller company shares will come back in fashion and you will have the chance to restore the capital structure of your businesses”.

Of course the other members of the Obama hugging clan were the twenty members of the G20 Group who hugged themselves.

I listened, I read and I watched TV. Any mention of business owners?

The Government should not be applauded for its humiliating climb down on business rates because the fact they were in the mess they faced demonstrated that they and their advisers have no understanding of the situation facing enterprising businesses. They simply don’t care and only react when there is no other option.

I am sure that Michelle Obama cares and would hug all of you in Enterprise Britain if she could.

She has made good. Let’s stick together and we’ll make good.

Yours hugfully

Tony Drury

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