“Hell! I might be wrong”

Is this my Damascus Road conversion. Is this flash of realisation a turning point in the history of Enterprise Britain.

Has a book made me realise the errors of my way?

It is all Cherie Blair’s fault. I have just finished reading ‘Speaking for Myself’ which is her biography. It is remarkable similar to ‘Living History’ by Hillary Clinton.

Both are desperately single-minded and focused personalities. They are both very readable tomes (unlike Bill Clinton’s autobiography which is dire).

Before I started reading ‘Speaking for myself’ I had what I thought was a clear view and opinion about Cherie Blair. I did not rate her and thought at times Tony found her an utter embarrassment. To be honest I thought she was lucky to have married so well and now be worth upwards of £40million.

When I put the book down after 400 pages of utter enjoyment I had reformed my relationship with Cherie. From her at times difficult up-bringing, through a remarkably hard but successful education, to her determination in a male dominated legal profession, to combining a passionate motherhood, a career and her support of her husband and her political nous. Sorry Cherie to have ever doubted you. And your candid story telling … just great.

So I was wrong about Cherie. And then the pains began. Arrows of fear penetrated my body. What if I was wrong about bankers? Perhaps they are wonderfully dedicated to enterprising business owners and managers.

Vat Inspectors really hate taking money off you and don’t want to levy fines. Tax inspectors hate themselves for making your lives a misery. MPs are really frugal, selfless individuals who really want you to write to them about your problems. Even business angels are cracking people who care all about their investee companies rather than their personal wealth.

Snooozzzzz ……….. so sorry, I nodded off there. I was dreaming that I had gone completely potty.

OK. I’ve read about Cherie and Hillary and ‘The Downing Street Years’ by Lady T. (Great chapter on the Falklands Crisis).

Who next? Who else. Who might I have also mis-judged.

Answers please on a postcard …

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