Bad news for Enterprise Britain

The news for the four million members of Enterprise Britain is getting progressively worse. It is all Gordon Brown’s fault.

Why? Because he is taking his Party towards a May 2010 election defeat of unimaginable proportions.

It used to be said that the only difference between Labour and Conservatives was that the Tories got together to win elections. Tony Blair changed that.

Now it is obvious that Labour is pulling left not least because it can only continue with funding provided by the unions. The Party may split and the Blairites could bolster the Liberal Democrats (well done Vince Cable) who may well have a rather good election.

But here is the real problem: the Conservatives will have a landslide victory and will impose draconian cost cutting measures. If you read what they are saying that is exactly what they are saying!

Enterprise Britain will not get a look in – not that it receives much attention now. BERR will dither and will be subject to severe budget cuts. The banks will be trying to deal with savage regulatory controls from the FSA (who are, of course, funded by those they regulate) and will have no time to offer inventive and creative professionalism.

The stock markets will recover but smaller company shares always come at the rear of the queue because they need the liquidity of the risk investor to fuel their engine. At some stage the tax incentives will be improved but I bet you George Osborne hasn’t even thought about it yet.

So what’s the answer?

Somebody, somewhere has to make the case for Enterprise Britain and to propose several breath-taking and inventive strategies.

Then it will need a targeting of a number of MPs and especially those on the BERR Committee.

Watch this space….

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