“Tony Drury is No 1 !”

What a proud moment for Enterprise Britain. What a triumph for the Editor who realised my potential at an early stage. What a boost for you my hard working friends, unloved and unsupported, as you run your enterprising businesses.

I am number one. It’s official.

In a review conducted by MORI and involving a telephone survey of over 2,000 people in the City I was voted the most irrelevant and uninfluencial person in London.

Those contacted were asked three questions:

1. Who, in your opinion, has the least influence and the worst reputation in the City?
2. Who has made the least contribution to the role of London as a financial? Centre?
3. Who, if he never appeared again, would be the least missed?

Apparently I won quite easily. Lawyers acting for MORI have withheld the remainder of the top 10 for legal reasons. From the rain sodden copy I was given (by a man in a raincoat walking down London Wall) I was able to ascertain ‘Alistair….c/o HM….’, ‘Richard……CB…..’, ‘ George……MP’, ‘Roger….banker…’ and ‘ Baroness…c/o House of Lords…’

But I won.

This has fuelled my ambitions. I wonder if I should be the first EU President? What has Tony Blair got on me apart from charm, £25million in the bank, seven or is it eight properties and lots of influencial friends. Perhaps I should replace David Dimbleby on ‘Question Time’: I would have sorted out that Nick Griffin and cuddled up to Jack Straw. Perhaps I should be the Editor of the….no, I am getting carried away which is exactly what several of the respondees to the survey suggested should happen to me.

A fascinating article was published in the ‘Financial Times’ (30 October 2009) by Nigel Rudd, Chairman of Marwyn Alternative Capital LP, and titled ‘Close the funding gap for smaller businesses’.

Mr. Rudd is an experienced and respected City figure and I considered his proposals with care. I think it is progress that the subject is gaining more publicity. I am writing to Mr. Rudd and explaining to him why his ideas won’t work. I will ask the editor of EB to publish my letter so you can see whether you agree with me.

I wonder if Mr. Rudd voted for me?

On Wednesday 4 November 2009 there was an AIM conference at the London Stock Exchange. It was sold out. I met a pal of mine who works at a medium sized AIM Nomad. They have completed six deals raising £85m over the last three months. I am aware of the plans the management of PLUS Markets Group plc have to boost their primary market PLUS-quoted.

Smaller equity markets are coming out of recession.

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