“Take care…Mr. Angry is very angry”

And frankly, my hard working friends in Enterprise Britain, I have good cause.

This Nation of Enterprise has become constipated with an aimless and dying Government.

Let me ask you one question:

What has happened to improve the lot of enterprising businesses in the last year?

Answer. Nothing. Repeat. Nothing.

In my last blog I bashed Richard Lambert, the ancient mariner of the CBI.

What happened at the CBI conference two week’s ago that has made any difference to Enterprise Britain…nothing.

What has any banker, anywhere, done to help smaller businesses. Nothing.

This week a national newspaper carried an interview with Ed Wray, the founder of Betfair. Because Ed (to his PR agent) has had a bit of success he thinks he has the right to lecture the world on enterprise. If you bother to read the article (I am a sad person who does this sort of thing) is takes years to say one thing. The issue that is holding back enterprise is tax.

What utter rubbish. Just because Ed is pondering his fortune and thinking perhaps of becoming (maybe) a tax exile it does not justify a national newspaper giving so much space to this type of unhelpful copy.

Self-important Dragon Peter Jones is getting bad press. The Times carried a diary piece in which he managed to tell the world he had been on holiday to the Barbados. The piece pointed out he is managing to advertise two rival price comparison websites at the same time. Another newspaper, and another diary piece, gave news that Twitter carried schoolboy knocking featuring, of course, Peter Jones and the other Dragons.

Showing that he is on the ball Peter Jones’s National Enterprise Academy is encouraging students to enrol for the September 2009 courses.

No wonder I am angry.

2009: The Year that the UK deserted Enterprise Britain.

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