“June is bustin’ out all over”

Hi to all my friends in Enterprise Britain.

Let’s have another quiz.

From which musical is this the first line?

“June is bustin’ out all over”.

You are shouting at your computer screen: “Carousel”.

WRONG. It’s a trick question.

The first line is:

“March went out like a lion
Awakin’ up the water in the bay”.

To make you feel better I’ll let you guess who sings it.

Correct. It’s Nettie.

My pathetic trick question is like a bank official who says:

“We really want to help you” (this actually means “we bankers hate small businesses but because the Government are a bit cross with us at the moment we feel we should say the ‘right’ thing”)

Or as an MP might say:

“You are the rock of our society and I will do my very best to improve your lot” (which means “not another bloody letter from a wretched small business complaining about business rates”).

June may be bustin’ out all over but what else did Nettie sing?

“March went out like a lion”.

I am not sure it ever came in like a lion especially for Britain’s enterprising businesses. All I can remember is a Government in decline introducing measures which were poorly thought through and achieved nothing.

“Then April cried and stepped aside”.

Britain’s enterprising business people cried with utter despair as the commercial fabric collapsed around them.

“May was full of promises”

These were made by an increasingly desperate Government being sunk by the scandal of MP’s expenses. I can GUARANTEE you that not one of the 664 MPs (665 if you include The Speaker!) was thinking about Britain’s business community.

“June is bustin’ out all over!
The sheep aren’t sleepin’ anymore!
All the rams that chase ewe-sheep
All determined there’ll be new sheep
And the ewe-sheep aren’t even keepin’ score!”

Repeat chorus.

As members of Enterprise Britain you know the chorus.

Britain, its political, commercial and regulatory authorities, does not care about Enterprising Businesses.

June is bustin’ out all over and this Blog is about to join it.

Enough is enough.

The fight for Britain’s Enterprising Businesses starts now……

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