“If that’s what you believe then I am off to Switzerland”

My mate Barry wrote that to me in an email this morning.

Hells bells, all I said was that there is a possibility of a Labour/ Lib-Dem coalition government after the election in May 2010 and even if there isn’t David Cameron may not be able to stop the Lisbon Treaty (if the Irish say “yes”).

Oh, and I reminded Barry that DC won’t remove the 50% income tax band.

What an over-reaction! Leave the UK now we have a demented gremlin as our Speaker in Parliament? Give up on our wonderful law abiding fellow citizens? And what about our Banks now that Lord Adair has said he is going to regulate them better (want a bet?)?

No more friendly letters from the Inland Revenue. “Dear Sir, We are fining you £100. We don’t know why but there is nothing you can do about it. Please find enclosed our brochure on ‘How to Complain’.”

But there is another reason why I could not leave the UK (Ed: because the police are holding your passport?).

Because I could not give up on my mission in life. That is to create an environment in which you, the four million members (Ed: 4.3 million according to that well respected but since twice renamed – to show organisation and foresight and encourage recognition – institution the DTI) of Enterprise Britain, are provided with the infrastructure, the support and the respect you deserve.

You will have seen from the growing support for out website that we are making progress. We have some great contributors and Dirk (Mr. Enterprise Britain Ed: and even he is a ….. foreigner) keeps telling me more good news – more hits, more readers.

We are working on our proposals (“The Revival of Enterprise Britain”). I explained them to a solicitor pal this week. Oh well, I’ll try again.

I am going to call Barry’s bluff.

I am going to send him a one way ticket to Geneva.

Give up Enterprise Britain. Never! (Ed: and that is why Tony Drury is the leader!)

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