“Harriet Harman is right!”

You can’t trust men. In my last blog I promised to revealed the answers to equity funding for Enterprising Businesses. Now you will have to wait until the next blog (17 August).

“Why?” you cry.

Because, my friends in Enterprise Britain, I must share with you one of the daftest newspaper articles I have ever read. The ‘Financial Times’ on 5 August 2009 carried a feature asking whether senior executives should take off the whole of August.

Five ‘professionals (probably desperate for the publicity and the fee) provided ‘expert advice’. May I suggest that ‘abolishing Wednesdays’ as one idea offered just about sums up the cloud cuckoo land these people live in.

Because the French take off the whole of August (being French they would, wouldn’t they?) and yet their production levels are higher than other European Countries, this proves we should all take August off. The fact that the French authorities are dealing with an epidemic of liver disease due to an excessive intake of red wine suggests they might do better to work harder.

I repeat the following extract with concerns that it might lead to civil disorder:

“….the evidence suggests that, in rich countries, we work too hard for our own good.”

This came from a University Professor with his six hour day, his generous pension and his total withdrawal from commercial reality.

This week the ‘Daily Mail’ has highlighted doctors earning in excess of £300,000. ‘The Times’ revealed a similar statistic for dentists. The Government has revealed a worry that the Country cannot afford the index-linked pensions for the Civil Service. MPs would be concerned about this except that their summer recess is so long that there are reports that a number have forgotten where they work.

The patronising attitude of the article is awful.

For the four million members of Enterprise Britain holidays are often a nightmare. Cashflows suffer in August. The VAT man is still there wanting his money. The Inland Revenue never stop. The banks were never there in the first place. Their social responsibility has totally collapsed and how they can blatantly announce bonuses most of us can only dream about in baffling. The Government are totally ineffective.

I know Dave is coming over the hill with his Notting Hill solutions to the world’s problems but for Enterprise Britain these are dark, dark days.

I apologise to my friends in Enterprise Britain for the FT article. It is simply insulting.

But I cannot resist leaving you with a final quote from an economist:

“I know what I am talking about. August is perfect for laziness…Anglo-Saxons should relax and adopt the French way.”

It could drive you to drink. Of course the French are already there.

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