“Gordon’s got a new word – Global”

As Britain’s reputation worldwide collapses and the Conservatives are in a complete lather over Europe the Prime Minister has a new buzz word: global.

His Lord Mayor’s Banquet speech was global. All solutions to every problem must be global.

And it has reached Enterprise Britain. Last week was Global Entrepreneurship week. In an article in The Times Julia Hobsbawn, whoever she is, proposed five ‘things I would like for entrepreneurs’.

Try this:
1. A business levy to invest back into the entrepreneur economy by lowering corporation tax.
2. Matching business with potential customers and more TV programmes.
3. Business matrons. No! I promise you this is one of her proposals. She wants to create groups of entrepreneurs.
4. A magazine and TV channel etc. (the detail is too painful to repeat). There are hundreds of magazines most of which fail. There is an Entrepreneur TV channel (SKY: channel 682)
5. You’ve guessed. Education in schools.

I wonder if Julia would like to hear my five solutions:

a. Banks who recognise the term ‘social responsibility’ and are willing to put the profit motive second to helping Britain’s enterprising businesses.
b. MPs who care.
c. A system of competent economic professional advice.
d. Government subsidy to encourage early stage equity investment.
e. Business angel groups to be regulated by the FSA.

Global Entrepreneurship Week has gone and probably achieved little except wasting tax payer’s money.

I wonder if Julia knows Peter Jones – the Dragon?

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