“Enterprise what…..!!!”

Wow. We have competition.


Relax my friends in the real Enterprise community. Enterprise Nation is the brainchild of a rather innovative (and attractive) lady called Emma Jones. She has started and sold two home businesses and I guess the website is her third. She is claiming a monthly readership of 60,000. Of course the press love her and she likes them mainly because she is trying to sell her book “Spare Room Start Up – how to start a business from home” and promote ‘Enterprise Nation Day in November’.

I will explain why at the end of this Blog but small businesses (not to be confused with real concerns that Enterprise Britain represents) are becoming flavour of the month.

Another organisation getting some publicity is The Academy for Chief Executives (“ACE”).

The mission statement will have you playing Jerusalem very loudly and waving your Union Jack or the flag of St. George.

“We inspire Leaders to achieve their dreams”.

I can do that as well:

1. Get banks to commit to caring about enterprising businesses.

2. Get MPs to pay the expenses they owe and start worrying about the performance of BERR (The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform).

3. Get Government Agencies to care….

and so on….I must be careful not to become boring.

I had a client who joined an organisation such as ACE above. He loved it. He spent hours with his mentor telling him about his problems.

He went bust.

And now for the big one.


This took place a week ago. The good and the great were involved. BT, Business Link, the British Chambers of Commerce, Enterprise Nation mentioned about and guess who was popping up at the seminars. Of course, Peter Jones of Dragons Den and the National Enterprise Academy (see previous blogs).

They will be publishing a survey of small businesses which will measure the health, drivers and inhibitors to small businesses across the UK.

I can’t wait.

So why this sudden interest in small businesses?

Simple. It is all due to the rise of the FTSE 100 which is up over 50% in a matter of months. People are starting to think about shares especially as their returns on cash deposits are so poor. That will filter down to the riskier markets and equity will regain its public interest.

It’s the economic cycle. Always was and always will be.

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