“Enterprise Britain is up for sale!”

If you are on tranquillisers please immediately take an extra dose.

Perhaps you are exhausted at the end of another thankless day and enjoying a large scotch…..make it a double or a treble ie. six singles.

If your panacea to stress is food go out and buy yourself four jam doughnuts and eat them.

If you relax by having sex….no, we won’t go there.

Here is the news……

The European Commission is saying that the Royal Bank of Scotland (“RBS”) may have to sacrifice up to 10% of its small business customers as the penalty for receiving billions of pounds in state aid. That is about 100,000 of its customers.

Apparently the Board of RBS was so ecstatic with this proposal that they awarded themselves huge offshore bonuses.

The Chairman thought about writing to the Commission saying ‘how about 20%’.

Week in, week out, Enterprise Britain argues that banks hate small businesses.

Clever move RBS.

+ MPs don’t like Enterprising Businesses.

You will read this Blog following three of the most dire Party Political conferences in living memory.

The Liberal Democrats missed a golden opportunity to start moving into the Party of opposition. They forget to tell Vince Cable who went potty with a potty proposal.

The Labour Conference saw a friendless, exhausted PM limb into oblivion.

And of course the seething Right Wing Conservatives could not avoid Europe.

There were in all seventeen days of speeches.

How many mentions were there of enterprising businesses?

Correct: none.

+ Will President Blair be fighting for enterprising businesses in Europe? Well only if France and/or Germany instruct him. He will do as he is told. Bit like George did.
+ To make you even more distressed the election is likely to be in early May 2010. That is seven months away. It is going to be a long, cold winter.

In fact it is so bad you should treat yourself to more pills, more drink, more food and dare I say it….more …………?

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