Why is it so hard to get right?

It really, really drives me nuts when businesses fail their customers so badly and then try to justify it or, worse still, try to ignore it.

It drives me nuts because I’m sure it’s not that hard… I’m sure it isn’t… or is it me? Am I striving for something that’s actually really difficult?

Please tell me!

I was booked into a ‘budget hotel’ (always trying to keep fees down for the client) for three nights. The job was postponed so I called the hotel within the cancellation period to tell them. A receptionist took my details and told me someone would call me back to confirm the cancellation, which they did.

That’s why I was somewhat surprised to see a debit off my credit card for £129 for the room.

Okay, mistakes happen so I called the hotel to sort it out.

A receptionist answered the ‘phone and told me the Duty Manager would have to call me back.

No call.

I called again a week later, this time the manager was at lunch and would call me back.

No call.

I called again and this time the manager told me I had to call head office. I called and was told that the matter would be investigated and I would get a call the next day.

You guessed it, no call!

I called again two days later and got the Operations Manager’s e-mail address. I wrote and, to be fair, got an immediate answer, which basically told me to get lost.

I’ve written again and have asked to escalate the issue… and that’s as far as I’ve got!

There are two things that really get to me about this. The initial mistake I can deal with, things go wrong. It’s what has happened since that is so frustrating… and the fact that there’s been no acknowledgement of my frustrations.

Am I really reaching for the moon to expect someone to call when they say they will?

Please someone tell me if it’s me!

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