Statement of the bleedin’ obvious

I had to chuckle to myself the other day…

I was talking to a solicitor who was outraged by the government’s Train to Gain scheme (

The essence of his outrage was that one of his clients had secured some Train to Gain funding, engaged an external consultant who had put a programme together and then ‘forced’ one of their employees to go on the course.

The problem, in the eyes of the solicitor, was that the employee had been in the job for thirty odd years and the trainer (and I quote) was a twenty four year old kid who was still wet behind the ears.
(I continue to quote)… of all the hairbrained ridiculous ideas that this government has come up with, this is the most… and so it went on; for about twenty minutes, as I recall.

The thing is, I completely disagree and I disagree on two counts (whilst maybe agreeing on another).
The first is that access to funding to continue to train employees, particularly during a downturn is vital, especially as it’s usually the training budget that gets cut first. The other good thing about Train to Gain is that you don’t have to use a government recommended training provider – you can use providers you already have a relationship with.

Secondly, the training can be used to improved workplace skills, customer service, management – anything that will help improve your business and its bottom line profits.

Whatever you think of government schemes in general, this one is worth looking at and could well make a real difference to your business. The scheme works for all businesses to a greater or lesser degree, no matter how many employees you have.

Where I do agree with the solicitor, sort of, is that there is a danger of wasting a superb opportunity to get some valuable training. The business he was talking about thought that some training would be better than no training and simply fired money at any old programme without first assessing what would be useful for their people, or indeed, assessing the training provider.

So, the Train to Gain scheme is worth a look. But just because there is funding available doesn’t stop the need for a sensible look at what will really help your business both survive and prosper.

But then that is stating the bleedin’ obvious.

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