Non Training Needs

When we conduct a Training Needs Analysis – that is we ask questions to find out what development people need – we also investigate the non-training needs.

And we’re always surprised what we find.

For example, in one business we found that one person in the middle of the organisation was poisoning nearly everybody else around them. Without that issue being dealt with it was unlikely that any training would have much of an effect.

In another EB organisation, we found that they were charging for their services incorrectly. They were under pricing every job by £3. Not very much, but they were doing 20 jobs a day across 16 sites. That’s a whopping £211,200 a year, just because there were inconsistencies in their charging structure.

In yet another business we found a motivation issue was nothing at all to do with a need for a team building event. It was much simpler. The boss of the business was pleased that every night when he left his dedicated team were still working away. He was surprised, therefore, when he returned to the office at 5.00pm from a meeting instead of going straight home and the office was empty.

His people felt they had to stay until he left otherwise he would be disapproving and their careers would be damaged – it was the boss who needed the development, not his team.

We have many stories like this but I’m simply trying to point out to EB that training – or people development – is more than sending a member of staff on a course.

We call this total view of what the business needs to take it from where it is today to where it wants to be in the future Organisational Development, also known as OD.

Now, I know what you’re thinking!

OD is just for big businesses… okay, maybe you weren’t actually thinking that, but now that you are I can disagree with you.

It doesn’t matter how big your business is – whether it’s just you or you employ 250 people your Organisational Development is key to achieving your business plan. You should be thinking about the skills your people need now – and these are your training needs – and what the team will need in the future – this is your OD plan.

And, like I said, you can do this yourself… it’s not just for the big businesses.

In fact, I would argue it’s essential to complement your business and marketing plans.

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  1. kunasaigran
    20 November, 2013 at 04:23

    Simple food for thought

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