I love my job

Working in franchising is a great job.

I was on a flight last night (thanks easyjet – on time) and I had an hour or so to consider why franchising, from a trainer’s point of view, is such a great place to work.

I came up with a few things that make it really worthwhile for me, some of which are personal, but some of which should be floating your boat, too, if you are considering the franchise route for your business. I jotted down the three top reasons.

Number One
When I train new franchisees about how to run a business they (on the whole) really appreciate what you are doing for them.

A good franchisee will either be new to the whole business management subject or will recognise that they have never run this business in the past and need help to do so.

Conversely, of course, as a franchisor, you’ll be able to spot a potentially, not so good franchisee when they say something like: ‘I’ve run my own business in the past and don’t want to come on the training.’

Number Two
Running a franchise brings real change to peoples’ lives and it’s one of the few training jobs that actually does this.

In corporate world people tend to be sent on training to get ‘fixed’. They don’t like being there until they get into it. They may apply what they learned in the workplace, but rarely does it affect their lives.

In franchising, though, a life changing decision has been made and as a franchisor and for me, as a trainer, I can help franchisees achieve goals, ambitions and dreams.

I met a franchisee a few weeks ago who I’d trained how to sell in 2006. He told me that, in the first months, he had to follow what I told him to say to the letter. Gradually he got more confident and now, ‘I don’t do any of that stuff you told me… except I stick to the process exactly!’ He’s a top performing franchisee.

Another franchisee was rather more prosaic as he shouted to me across the floor of the Birmingham Franchise Show: ‘Oi! Lambert! That sales stuff you told me actually works!’

You don’t say!

Number Three
If variety is the spice of life, then I must really love curry!

The variety in my working life comes in three forms. Firstly, the businesses I get to work with. Today I’m with a white collar franchise with more than 170 franchisees, later in the week I’m with a franchise that cleans vehicles and then another that prints stuff!

Brilliant! I’m learning all the time.

The second form is what I get to deliver to clients. Sales training this week, one to one coaching next and then a group of twelve new franchisees learning how to run a business the week after.

And that’s the final point… I get to meet so many different people from so many walks of life it would be physically impossible for my job to become repetitive.

The challenge for any franchisor is to make sure that the guy who left the army after 22 years last week gets as much from the opportunity as the lady who’s been running a major department in a large corporate for about the same amount of time.

But then challenge keeps it real!

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