Dangerous Territory?

I find myself… concerned for my future happiness.

Let me explain why.

My wife recently told me she was taking up a new opportunity. Fantastic! I’ll not deny, what with the recession (and banks not lending, which is still a scandal), that 2009 has been tough.

Given that the present Mrs Lambert and I work in the same business, any diversification seems like a good thing.

But then the left field thing, that was bound to be there, hit me from… well, left field.

It turns out that my wife is joining a network for which I provide the sales and marketing training and have done for the past nine years or so.

Now, like any sensible husband, I defer to my wife on just about any matter – she knows best even when she knows nothing (which isn’t very often, darling… in case you’re reading).

But, on this occasion I think I might just know more about the subject in question than she does. So, here’s my dilemma. I will have probably five or six other delegates on the course and, like a real professional, I should treat them all equally, my wife included.

That means I need to give them all open, honest and informative feedback about the good things they do as well as the things they need to get better.

Hmmm… I’m sure you can see my predicament and how my future happiness is hanging in the balance.

It’s enshrined in a simple question. Do I fudge the feedback to my wife in the hope that she’ll continue to sleep with me, or, do I front it out, give the open and honest feedback she deserves and hope that it doesn’t develop into a spare room offence?


Of course, I’ve talked to my wife about it and she insists that I treat her like any other delegate and she will take the feedback as it’s intended; as a gift to help her become successful in her new role.

I don’t believe a word of it and I’m left in my quandary.

The only saving grace I have is that the course isn’t until after the festive season, which means, at the very least, I’ll be able to buy her a really fabulous Christmas present to soften what comes next.

All advice, help and, yes, feedback, would be gratefully received.

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