Class war!

Why is our Prime Minister such an idiot?

His latest approach to winning the election is to discriminate. Oh, there’s no law about the discrimination he’s planning, but it’s discrimination, nonetheless.

He’s planning to discriminate against David Cameron on the basis of his education, that he’s a toff and that we shouldn’t trust any policies ‘drawn up on the playing fields of Eton’.

What total and utter rubbish.

If the shoe were on the other foot and David Cameron were to say ‘don’t trust the policies drawn up on the concrete playgrounds of Kirkcaldy High School there would be outrage that this posh git should say such things.

So why is it acceptable the other way round?

The truth of the matter is that it isn’t.

It’s a cheap shot that should play no part in the election. David Cameron can no more change where he was educated than he can change the colour of his skin.

Now, I’m not saying that David Cameron is the right man for the job (or indeed that he’s not the right man) but I do know that it’s a person intentions, their capability and their determination that will make me vote for them, not where they went to school.

The other side of the coin, of course, is the extension of the ‘you’re a toff’ argument into EB.

Does that mean none of us should aspire to learn more, or put ourselves through a university course so we can earn more and maybe send our own children to a private school? Does this mean that they shouldn’t be allowed into politics?

I just can’t see how the location of a person’s school can affect what’s in their heart.

And I also wonder of Golden Brown has counted the number of public school educated ministers on his front bench?

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