The Nutty Professor

It’s a serious issue, but wouldn’t it be great if the recently sacked government advisor on drugs was Professor David Nutty, rather than Nutt?

In a nutshell (my God, I’m full of them today!) this is the situation. The government has an advisory panel that provides scientific advice about drugs and their effects. The government has re-classified cannabis a class B drug, up-grading it from the less dangerous class C classification.

This, apparently, was against the advice of Professor Nutt, who has accused the government of making a political decision not backed up by science. He had the brass neck to suggest that his panel were not going to be used to rubber stamp government policy when they advised against it.

Of course, the best action was for the Home Secretary to sack the guy…

But I have a problem with this because HR should work in exactly the same way as the drugs advisory panel.

Roughly speaking there should be one HR Business Partner for every thousand employees. That’s one Nutty Professor for every thousand people.

Of course, an HR person should not and cannot be responsible for every single bit of HR and Personnel work for that many employees.

Rather they are all Nutty Professors – advisors to line managers, which is where real HR responsibility should sit.

Line managers should be carrying out HR work, such as recruitment interviews, disciplinary, redundancy meetings, grievances and so on… all with help from their advisor: the HR Business Partner.

Looking at it from the other side; the business should be entirely protected legally if its managers follow the advice provided by HR… to the letter. It’s no good if a manager asks their HR person what to do, they get told but then don’t like it so do something else.

Whose fault is it if things go wrong?

The line manager’s, of course.

If, however, they get duff advice, well then it’s the HR person for the high jump… as they quite properly should be.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a huge business with a team of HR Business Partners or a small organisation outsourcing its HR needs; the ratio should always be about a thousand employees to one HR Business Partner…

As long as the advice is followed totally… unlike our eejit government, which always knows best!

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