Thank you BBC… and ITV for that matter!

Oh God!

Week after week I write about the fact that much of the stupid ridiculous employment legislation we have to deal with in EB is not needed… and then both the BBC and ITV do their damndest to prove me wrong.

It’s so annoying!

I’m not one for popular culture particularly but, like lots of people, I do like to disengage my brain and watch BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and ITV’s X-Factor. Except that HR managed to encroach into even these seemingly innocent programmes.

For those of you who live on the moon (in my best Bruce Forsyth voice) here’s a quick reminder of what happened…

A week or so ago Anton du Beke (Strictly) said after seeing the fake tan his partner was wearing: ‘Oh my God, you look like a paki’. It was off air, not caught on any cameras but that’s beside the point. It was a stupid thing to say and not acceptable whether it was only to the person he was in conversation with or in front of 8 million viewers.

Then, on Saturday night Dannii Minogue (X-Factor) used a reference to one of the performer’s sexuality, effectively ‘outing’ the guy, to make a barbed comment about his performance. This was on a live show in front of nearly 10 million viewers.

Tell me, which one of those comments had any relevance to ability to do a job? Neither of them and neither should have been uttered. If I were to rank them, then I would say that Anton’s comment was merely stupid, whereas Dannii’s was used as a personal attack to score some points, making it much worse.

It is because of stupid comments like this that my campaign for a reduction in legislation so often falls on deaf ears. Of course, there isn’t really effective legislation that covers performers making ‘gaffes’ and so it seems that both highly paid performers will keep their jobs. If those comments were made in EB (where, I believe most people are working to stamp out discrimination) there would be a tribunal, sackings and a fine.

Of course, we need to eradicate this language and, more importantly, the thought processes that sit behind the words and we need to do it fast. If we can prove that we, as the collective that is Enterprise Britain, can effectively manage to stamp out discrimination ourselves then we have a chance to save ourselves from red tape…

No thanks to the BBC or ITV, though.

And if I’m proved wrong and legislation is necessary after all then it should apply equally to everyone in every walk of life.

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