One rule for all? I don’t think so!

It’s sad that our politicians have let us down so badly and even worse that the more I think about it the worse it gets.

I know – the best cure for that is to stop thinking about it… but I just can’t.

And here’s what I thought the other day: what if these politicians worked in Enterprise Britain?

The law on employing people is strict and even stricter when you need to lose someone. Long gone are the days of hiring and firing and quite rightly so.

If you need to lose people from your business there are processes to follow whether it’s because you are making them redundant, whether they aren’t performing to the level you need them to or whether it’s something else.

Those processes include things like consultations, investigations, lines of appeal, verbal and written warnings. There are more, but I don’t have the space to list them all.

But still there is provision for getting rid of a member of staff immediately if their behaviour is so severe that it’s warranted. It’s called gross misconduct and summary dismissal can be the result. You still have to be careful because, as the employer, you have to prove that gross misconduct has taken place and you have to get it right before you can fire someone without the usual notice periods.

Okay, fair enough, I hear you say. So what might constitute gross misconduct?

Well, it’s things like violence in the workplace, bullying (difficult to prove), theft, fraud, embezzling company funds, that sort of thing.

So, it could be argued, claiming £16,000 interest for a mortgage that’s been repaid, or falsifying invoices in order to defraud a company of funds are both examples of gross misconduct and might warrant summary dismissal.

And indeed, anyone working in Enterprise Britain would expect to be sacked if they were caught red handed with their hand in your till. They might argue about it, but they would expect it.

Why, then, are we namby pambying around these politicians who might very well be guilty of gross misconduct? They should be subject to the same employment laws and investigations as the rest of us in Enterprise Britain. They should be dismissed now and subject to the full force of the law… just like the rest of us… instead of being allowed to stay on until the next general election so they can collect even more payments from us, the tax payer, in the form of resettlement allowances.

As a friend of mine said yesterday: I wish a judge had the guts to say to someone caught nicking a bottle of vodka form the local store, that’s okay – put it back and we’ll let you off.

One rule for everyone? Well, yes, unless you’re a politician it seems.

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