Networking versus cabin fever

Amongst the sea of emails an invite from the BAWE caught my eye. I thought maybe it’s time to do some networking as cabin fever was setting in. The latest red tape to land on my desk is a lovely missive from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) asking me to respond 2 days after receipt on May 7th with my April turnover figures. So how many businesses out there have their management accounts completed 7 days after the month end – the ONS obviously does not live in the real world and what benefit does this reporting provide? Government ministers are invited to respond but maybe they’re too busy filing their own greedy expense claims.

So back to the BAWE – for the uninitiated this is the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Yes there are lots of us in the UK busy getting on with it and handling the fallout from the worst recession I’ve known. My focus is on converting all the undecided to take the plunge and splash out on a villa holiday – no mean feat when you don’t know if you’ll have a job next week. But I’m an optimist and thank you to all those companies giving staff some time off to cut down their payroll so they can bond again with their families by the pool ….. what a great idea!

Ok, so why did the BAWE event catch my eye? Well it was all about how to win business as an SME from the Olympics. Fascinating stuff and there’s even a government department set up to help you do just that … amazing. I was quite impressed with the progress already made at the site and also by the calibre of women attending.

I found out I’d been invited by BAWE as my business is in its 3rd year of operation so they thought I would make a suitable new member. One of their members met me at an investor lunch where as the entrepreneur I was helping our venture capitalists to raise money for their next fund – a task tougher than ever as all private equity appears to have dried up. The BAWE reckon that after 3 years you’re out of the danger zone as only 8 out of 10 new businesses survive . The evening got me looking into my next business opportunity: renting houses to Olympic visitors. So if anyone has a house to rent, please drop me a line.

Coming next “Pearls of Wisdom” from my local bank manager.

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